Application for concession

An application for a concession shall be made to M.I.C.A using the application form entitled, Form A (Click Here to Download Form A).

The applicant shall complete the application form in triplicate and submit the completed application forms to the Secretary of the M.I.C.A together with—

(a) a copy of the payment receipt for the relevant application fee or other proof of payment; and

(b) any document and information specified on the application form, including:

(i) the business or corporate information and a copy of the supporting documents listed in part 4 of the application form;

(ii) any information regarding its history and experience in the operation of an info-communications network or the provision of info-communications service including the information listed in Part 5 of the application form;

(iii) audited financial statements for the three years preceding the submission of this application as well as a reference from a financial institution;

(iv) the applicant’s business or corporate model information including the information about its financial and marketing plan, technical plan and human resource plan specified in part 7 of the application form; and

(v) where applicable, information on its wireless and technical resources including the information listed in part 8 of the application form.

The Form A document for application for concession  is available for download. (Click Here)